What is typically included on our school trips?

Our adrenaline fueled activities can be booked in 1 hour sessions for a combination of 2 activities or 1.5 hour sessions to experience all 3 activities in 1 go.
The Skypark is 60 metres long and hangs 15 metres above the ground and the spectators. You must climb, swing and balance your way around obstacles.

Climb on our 11 metre high Climbing walls while you are connected to an auto-belay which will keep you safe as you conquer the wall.

Finish on a high with The Drop? Take a deep breath and step off! Experience the thrill of the 15m freefall “The drop”as you drop 15 metres to the ground before slowing down to land.

Then why not race down UK’s tallest indoor slide “The Big Slide” the perfect way to start or end your visit to Climbzone. Buy a 12 shots on the slide voucher for only £10 online or at the Climbzone desk.