If you are an experienced climber, you can register with the Glasgow Climbing Centre to climb without supervision. Start your registration online and complete it together with a short safety demonstration on your first visit. Once successfully completed, you are registered as an independent climber and can climb unsupervised at the Glasgow Climbing Centre. Registered independent climbers can also bring in and supervise up to 2 guests of any age. If you opt to become a Glasgow Climbing Centre Card holder, you don’t have to do the skills demonstration every time you come, and gain access to other benefits including a discount in our shop.


Register to climb independently

As an experienced climber you can enjoy unsupervised climbing using all our fantastic climbing and training facilities as well as bring in and supervise up to 2 guests of any age and ability.

Register as an independent climber

Experienced climbers who would like to climb unsupervised at the Glasgow Climbing Centre must complete a set of relevant forms and complete a skills demonstration at reception upon arrival. 

Please select your relevant form below to pre- register online.To complete your registration & get your assessment done, just come in and ask at reception, no booking required. 

Start your registration online and complete it together with a short skills demonstration on your first visit.

Supervising guests & youth climbers

To supervise a guest of any age you must first register as an independent climber and complete a skills demonstration on your first visit.

Once registered you must complete the guest supervision form for your guest. Guests pay same day entry as everyone else. See prices and passes.

For guests under the age of 16 you also need to fill in a parental/guardian consent form.

How to become a registered independent climber

If you are not yet a registered independent climber at the Glasgow Climbing Centre you can not bring in and supervise guests or youth climbers to climb. 

Novice climbers who want to become a registered independent climber can sign up to and successfully complete one of our induction courses before getting signed off. 

Alternatively, just book one of our instructor led activities and enjoy climbing under supervision of one of our friendly instructors.

How to supervise a novice 

Here are our top tips for supervising a novice that will help you avoid some of the errors and dangers we sometimes spot around the centre.

Stay with your novice the whole time

We’re assuming that they’re your friend and you enjoy their company, which is handy because you need to keep an eye on your novice at all times – even if they’re ‘only’ bouldering. You also cannot leave the building if they intend to continue climbing.

Climbing etiquette 

If it’s their first time at a climbing wall, please make sure they know what to look out for around the centre – staying out of landing areas, not walking underneath anyone else’s ropes, that sort of thing. It may seem obvious to an experienced climber but coming to a climbing wall for the first time, there’s a lot to take in.

Do not teach belaying without another supervisor

It’s impossible to back up the dead rope if you’re halfway up a wall! If you’re showing your friend how to belay, you’ll need to be standing next to them holding the dead rope, ready to take over if it goes wrong. We sometimes see people trying to show how to belay from the wall, and it’s incredibly dangerous. 

Buddy checks

Your buddy checks are one of the simplest and most effective ways to stop silly mistakes slipping through. When you’re busy teaching it’s easy to let it slip your mind, and some of our most common accidents could be prevented by a simple buddy check. Always make sure the harnesses is fitted properly, knots are correct, carabiners are closed and the screw gate is locked and that you’ve tied in to the correct part of the harness. 

Don’t let them loose on the autobelays

Even though there’s no belaying involved, keep an eye on your novice on the autobelays. The most common accident on autobelays is climbers not being attached, or attached to the wrong part of a harness. As a supervisor, it’s your job to make sure your novice is attached correctly to avoid any accidents.

Glasgow Climbing Centre Card benefits

To register at to climb unsupervised  you need to register , its only £10.

Prices & Climbing Passes

Whether you are just coming in for a climb or you are looking to book a course, a party or sign up to our monthly and annual passes, all offers and prices can be found here below.

Day Pass Roped Climbing & Autobelay (and Guest) Prices

Peak Prices are after 4pm during the week, and all day at the weekends.

Adult Entry  Off Peak £9/ Peak £11
Student/Concession Entry Off Peak £8/ Peak £9
Junior Entry at all times £7.50
Bouldering Only Entry £8
Student/Junior full kit hire £4

Climb Unlimited Rolling Monthly   £42
Family Rolling Month Pass (Adult +2)   £55
Adult 1 Month Pass   £45
Adult Annual Pass £420
Junior Annual Pass £225

Student/Concession 6 Month Pass £180
Student/Junior 1 item hire £2

Equipment hire

Rent the gear you need to climb like a pro. We have harnesses, shoes, helmets & belay devices suitable for all ages and sizes.

Belay Plate Hire £1   Harness or Rock Shoe Hire £3   All Kit Hire for Adults £6