Dedicated to climbing

Founded in 1994, The Glasgow Climbing Centre was one of the first dedicated indoor climbing gyms in Scotland. Today it is the largest indoor roped climbing centre in the West of Scotland and the preferred training facility for many new and experienced climbers.

Whether you are a regular climber looking for a great training facility, someone who has never tried climbing before or a parent looking for a fun activity for the kids, the Glasgow Climbing Centre has something for everyone. Climbing is a great workout for body and mind, a fantastic social sport and gateway to outdoor climbing and mountaineering.

Come join us at the Glasgow Climbing Centre and let’s go climbing!

Opening times :
MONDAY – FRIDAY 10:00AM – 10:00PM

Situated inside an old church on the south side of Glasgow, we offer over 80 lead routes up to 14 metres high, over 40 top rope panels housing 100+ routes and a boulder basement. All this as well as 13 Auto-belay lines and even Abseiling sessions from the iconic church spire.

The Balcony Cafe

With a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor, free WIFI, and amazing views, our Balcony Cafe is a great place for climbers to recharge their batteries. It’s also a top spot for passers-by to enjoy lunch or coffee and a perfect place to host your kid’s climbing party meals!


With over 40, 12-14 m high bottom rope lines offering more than 50 roped climbs to choose from, ranging from easier slabs, to feature walls and more technical overhanging walls in grades that range from F3-F7a, we have something for all abilities.

Lead climbing

There are also 32 lines of lead climbing with around 80 individual routes, up to 14 meters in height and in a wide range of angles and grades. Grades from 4 to 8a can be enjoyed by climbers just starting out and those who are really pushing the grades.


For those short of time or partners we have 13 Auto Belay lines with some 30 different routes. They’re easy to use and offer a wealth of opportunity for training and climbing fun. No need to learn knots, and no need for a climbing partner. Just clip in and climb!


Bouldering is low-level climbing relatively close to the ground. Protected by thick matting, it is the easiest way into climbing as it requires minimal kit and training.

Our bouldering area offers over 50 problems. With walls at every angle you can think of and grades from Font 3 to 7C it offers something for all levels.


The iconic 35m tall church spire at the Glasgow Climbing Centre is one of Glasgow’s most unique abseil locations that can be enjoyed on its own or as part of some of our group sessions. 

Training Area

Climbers love our training area. We have a 45 degree Beastmaker board, campus and fingerboards, pull up bars and weights plus 2 walls with auto-belays for endurance training.

Route Setting

We pride ourselves on the quality of our routes and reset 3 – 4 days a week to ensure there are always some fresh routes to climb. Our aim is to refresh the whole centre every three months and we welcome climbers’ feedback on new lines through our grade cards.

We use the French grading system for roped climbs and set grades from 3 to 8a.