Climbing is a great way to challenge young people, in a sport that’s different from most other school sport options. It’s inclusive as individuals can develop at their own pace. Schools can book a one off visit for activities week or end of term rewards for the class, or block out a regular double period for climbing and work towards a nationally recognised proficiency award ( NICAS)  

Groups session with a Glasgow Climbing Centre instructor(s)

Climbing is rewarding and exciting activity, perfect for a groups of children aged 7+ of all abilities. It’s fun, it builds strength, helps develop coordination and problem solving as well as encourages teamwork and boost confidence. 

Book now to bring your group in for an action-packed and exciting birthday party or group activity.

Groups session with your own qualified instructor(s)

At the Glasgow Climbing Centre we are happy to cater for groups and organisations who come in with their own instructors as long as the instructor has one of the qualifications listed below;

  • SPA  or RCI
  • CWA  or CWI
  • CWLA or CWDI
  • MIA  or MCI 
  • MIC or WMCI 
  • BMG (British Mountain Guide)

Instructors must operate at a ratio of 1:6 or less and instruct within the remit of their qualification.

Prior to your first visit to the Centre, you must register your school or organisation. We require the relevant certificates for the instructor plus a current valid first aid certificate as well as proof that the school / organisation has Public Liability Insurance (also known as Civil or Third Party Insurance) in place that covers climbing at an indoor wall for each particular group.

Send your documents to and we will keep a copy of your documents on file for future visits.

We can offer equipment hire – helmets, harnesses, belay devices and climbing shoes. If you have a large group, please call ahead so we can have all the kit ready for you.

Traverse Wall Installations

Climbing walls for schools & playgrounds

Most children like to climb so here is your chance to install a purpose-built traverse climbing wall and let the kids climb their hearts out!

Climbing is not only great for developing gross motor skills, it also builds strength, supports coordination and overall physical ability and confidence. Perfect for children of all ages.

We install traverse climbing walls with  a range of hand holds and foot holds that allow children to traverse across a wall rather than climbing up it. It provides a great way for children to exercise and is hugely popular in school playgrounds. 

European standards for playground equipment

Traversing across takes just as much skill, strength and agility as going up. In fact, many professional climbers regularly use traverse walls to warm up and hone their skills. It is a safe yet exciting way to climb and is specially suited to children, as their feet are never more than 40 centimetres off the ground!

With over 20 years experience of installing high quality traverse climbing walls that comply with European standards for playground equipment in a range of schools and leisure facilities, we can cater for most needs.

If you think your school or organisation would benefit from having their very own climbing wall then please contact Derek on 0141 427 9633 or email…..

How the walls are made

When we install traverse walls, the climbing holds are fixed directly onto existing internal or external walls or onto custom made wood panels, no special preparation is required from you.

The design includes a band of footholds approximately 40 centimetres from ground level, a vertical gap of 1-1.5 metres and then a band of hand holds. On average there are 7 to 8 holds per linear metre. With footholds no more than half a metre above ground level, there is no requirement for safety matting or special supervision!


Traverse climbing walls start from approximately £800.00 plus vat, depending on the length of the wall, your site and location. Contact Derek to discuss your specific requirements and for a customised quote.

Contact DEREK on 0141 427 9633 or by email

Here are examples of recent work