Get started bouldering

Bouldering the most accessible form of climbing, but there are a few rules and guidelines to ensure that everyone has a safe, enjoyable climbing experience.

Every registered person must watch the safety video and complete the forms below, even if they are not climbing themselves.

14 and 15 year olds must have a completed parental consent, this must be done in person, at reception.

Each registered adult 18+, can sign in a maximum of 2 guests per day (no minimum age) under their direct supervision

Bouldering is a form of climbing without ropes or harnesses. It involves climbing short, oen tricky bouldering routes using balance, technique, strength and problem solving.

Climbing is at a low level height above so mang. You do not need experience or specialist equipment, making it a perfect introducon to the sport.

To climb unsupervised you must be 14 years old (under 16s must have a parental consent form completed). You must be 18 to sign in juniors under your supervision.

There are no specific rules, but comfortable clothing that allows a full range of moon is best. Avoid trousers with overly loose and baggy ankles as loose material can get caught on foot holds and obsure your view of your feet. Alternavely, roll the booms of your trousers up a lile to keep them out of the way.

Yes, bouldering is suitable for all ages. Adults (over 18) can sign in and supervise up to 2 guests per day of any age. For children under 5 we recommend introducing climbing games and activites to get the most out of your bouldering experience. Our friendly staff are always happy to give advice and ideas.

Although bouldering is a good workout, it’s all about problem solving to figure out the most efficient movements to success- fully climb a route you find challenging. Often balance, technique and flexibility are the most important factors. When climbing at your limit, even the strongest climbers need to find cunning ways to get the most out of the strength they have.

Yes, climbing shoes are available to rent. If you would like to use chalk to keep your hands dry and grippy, you will need to purchase that separately. We have a range of chalk, chalk bags and accessories in our shop.

Simply watch the safety video below, complete the online registraon form, answering the quesons on the risks involved with bouldering. Alternavely you can complete all registraon paperwork at the centre on arrival. Our staff will inform you of climbing grades, hints and ps for beginners and rules specific to the centre on your first visit

registration forms on arrival

bouldering safety video